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WPMU DEV Defender Pro

WPMU DEV Defender Pro
  • Version 3.4.0
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  • Create Date November 15, 2022
  • Last Updated November 15, 2022

Keep your website active and safe from hackers! The powerful WordPress safety protections and masking technology of Defender make brute force attacks and harmful bots unbeatable.

Even the most cunning villain will find Defender's daily security scans, vulnerability reports, shot logs, 2-factor authentication, safety advice, blacklist monitoring, IP ban device, simple security modifications, core, plugin or affairs articles table, and login overlaying to be a fantastic deal.

Set up security scans, receive vulnerability reports, receive protection suggestions, and then make security adjustments.
Next, one-click assignment stages after the recommendation
Two-Factor Authorization
Google keeps track of blacklists and then warns
either a manual or electronic IP exclusion method
fix modified files after restoring them
vulnerability searches for plugins, objects, and the interior
Scans and results are fantastic, but who should I identify to ease the pressure on the


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