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WordPress Country Selector

WordPress Country Selector
  • Version 1.6.4
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  • Create Date November 19, 2022
  • Last Updated November 19, 2022

Select a country on WordPress
The Ultimate WordPress Country Picker Direct your visitors to your country-specific website in their native tongue. Example: Let's drink it. A user from outside of the Netherlands visits your French website or store (ex. www.site.fr). That shouldn't be a problem, but in the meanwhile, you should have a Dutch-language website, like www.site.nl! So, how can you not show him now? With this plugin, a straightforward Country Selector Popup will inform the user that there is a Dutch website she can access.

Concerned about a popup? Simply insert a "Choose your Country" widget into the header or footer to present the person with the option. This will direct the user to an Overview page that includes all of the United States.


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