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PrivateContent – User Data Add-on

PrivateContent – User Data Add-on
  • Version 1.261
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  • Create Date November 18, 2022
  • Last Updated November 18, 2022

Add-on for PrivateContent - User Data
The following is an addition. In order to utilise it, you must have at least PrivateContent v6.

Expand the user base you have
By enhancing your PrivateContent plugin, the User Data add-on enables you to create and use infinite fields to collect more detailed information from your users.

You build them with the aid of a wizard with a simple but effective goal. Optional stays are then regularly incorporated into the PrivateContent bibcock or prepared in imitation of historical stays prepared into the then custom shapes.

Each field is customizable and dynamically checked, allowing you to set requirements for things like choice stands.

String length, numeric ranges, multiple-option checks, preset texts (email addresses, dates, urls, integer and floating-point numbers, etc.), and also space to mimic the use of complex regex are all available. Say


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